About Us 


         At its core, GiftMosaics is about enabling real human connection. Our products are designed to provide our customers a platform to share emotional moments with their loved ones.      

         I cherish every festival and hope to give the most unique gift to my loved ones, and I hope this is a surprise for them.      

         However, I have a hard time finding good, unique gifts online, and often struggle with it. So I began to think, maybe customized gifts can reflect the heart between family members, this is the origin of GiftMosaics.        

         I think the personalization is what's really important and the message. One of my favorite things about what we do is seeing people's reactions when they receive gifts they didn't expect.        

         As a husband and father, I know my family loves me, but you don't always get feedback when you need it. But if you receive a gift that conveys that message to you, on something you see every day, it will simply put a permanent smile on your face.        

       Our mission is to make your gift giving moment the most special memory between you and your loved ones because we know it will be part of a lifetime of unforgettable moments.